When you do not need S1 with the RainAmp Process

Raspberry plants using the RainAmp cement planting bowls.

Hey we love money so we want to sell you a bunch of our RainAmp S1 units but we want to see people benefit from the RainAmp process even more. There are many places around the world where the S1 system may not be needed. We still invite growers to use our research on the planting bowls, bio-sponges and skins even when they do not need our Rainamp S1 system.

Large storm problems S1 solves

We invented the S1 unit which stands for (Support System 1) because when we deployed the RainAmp bowls, bio-sponges and skins we found some problems. The main problems were as follows

  • During large storms quite a lot of water pooled around the trees.
  • This water soaked through the bio-sponge and was lost.
  • Some trees are very intolerant of pooled water
  • Some trees still needed support water beyond what could be stored in their bio-sponge
    • RainAmp showing pooling water when S1 is not installed.

RainAmp S1 Solves water pooling problems by:

  • Detects pooling water and pumps it into a storage barrel
    • Protects sensitive trees while eliminating a place where bugs and disease can easily foster.
    • Can be configured to delay pumping to allow more water to soak deep
  • Runs on solar energy so it can be installed anywhere.
    • Easy installation makes starting small and growing incrementally fast and easy
  • Measures soil moisture and feeds water to the tree as it needs it.
    • Helps extend stored water to keep the tree thriving for the longest time possible.
  • One S1 Unit, 1 Tree, 1 Bowl, 1 Barrel
    • keeps things easy, simple and incremental and low cost.
  • Can be configured to keep pumping even when the barrel is full to eliminate the pooled water during a series of storms.
    • This can help prevent sensitive trees from being damaged by standing water.
    • Eliminates a standing pool for mosquitos to breed in
  • Prevents a easy growing media for algae and fungus that can attack that plant.

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When you don’t need the RainAmp S1 system

We heard from a grower with hundreds of young fruit trees he was in the process of weaning off irrigation water. That got us thinking about whether the complete system would be needed or if he could use only part of the RainAmp system. What we came up with is that if all of the following are true then you can probably get by without our S1 system. If any of these are true then you should considuer using the RainAmp S1 system.

  • You have adequate rainfall to support the tree
  • Your soil stores moisture well so you do not need extra storage
    • Remember you need enough moisture to carry the tree for the longest period between storms during the hottest part of the year.
  • The maximum time between rainstorms still leaves the tree with adequate soil moisture at 3 foot deep.
  • Your trees are tolerant of pooled water when big storms hit
  • Your soil drains well so pooling is not a problem

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