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Goji Berry Plants planted with the RainAmp SystemRainAmp – (Concentrating Rainfall to allow food production on dry land)

RainAmp is a privately held company based in the Pacific North West.     We design  our products to deliver unique value to our customers and frequently enhance those products to solve new problems we discover as a result of interacting with our customers. 

We do our own electronics schema, PCB design, software and cloud design.   This allows us to deliver unique solutions that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  Every one of our solutions was designed to solve a difficult problem and make somebody’s life better.

Our interests center around water scarcity,  food scarcity and enabling growing on land that has previously been too hostile to support food bearing crops.     We also supply technology to help full time farmers increase yields while reducing water and chemical consumption.    

A  sweet spot for us are people who purchased 1 to 20 acre parcels thinking they could grow enough to become self sufficient only to discover they could not obtain water rights that would allow it.    Here in the desert part of Washington they allow enough water from private home wells to grow about a 1/4 acre garden.    Some of these inventions were developed to allow us to put our full 5 acres to work producing food without violating the state restrictions on pumping water.  We hope our work can benefit others who have similar challenges. 

Unlike many companies we are not interested in exponential growth fueled by debt and have no interest in going public.  We thrive by delivering valuable solutions to people with problems who appreciate the work. 

Empower Small Farms with limited resources

Our mission is to empower small farms and homesteads while reducing food insecurity by increasing yields in areas with limited water resources or water scarcity. We extend our support globally to regions facing similar challenges.

In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), we demonstrate key technologies and processes by proving that we can cultivate productive food-producing plants on entire parcels, even when confronted with state-imposed limits of a few thousand gallons per day from unregistered household wells.

Our Key Initiatives Include:

  • Solar-Powered Sensor and Pump Systems: We prioritize sustainability with solar-powered solutions for sensors and pumps, reducing environmental impact and making technology accessible to small farms and homesteads dealing with water scarcity.
  • Water Reclamation with Capacitive Sensors: Our continuous refinement of capacitive sensors captures and redirects excess rainwater, preserving it in repurposed storage barrels for later use in drip irrigation, enabling crops to thrive between rain events.
  • Moisture Sensing at Multiple Depths: Precision in irrigation management is our commitment. We’ve developed a moisture sensing system that operates at various root zone depths, ensuring efficient water use by avoiding overwatering or underwatering based on surface conditions.
  • Pest-Resistant Features: Our planting bowls and soil covers integrate pest-resistant elements, protecting crops against local threats like grasshoppers, thus reducing crop damage and promoting food security for small-scale farmers.
  • Resource Conservation: Responsible and sustainable water resource management practices are a priority. We harness data analytics and research to improve water management technologies, reducing water wastage, and supporting ecosystem health for small farms and homesteads.
  • Community Education: We empower local communities with knowledge and skills to implement advanced water management, pest-resistant, and solar-powered technologies effectively. Collaborations with farmers, research institutions, governments, and NGOs enable the widespread reduction of food insecurity in water-scarce regions.

Additional Innovations for Agriculture:

  • SoilSenseAI  S1 Units are tailored to the needs of small farms and homesteads, simplifying soil moisture management.
  • Tank empty sensors with alarms and remote displays.
  • Tank level sensors for plastic tanks with remote displays.
  • A grain dryer scale focusing on percentage weight change with forecast alerts.
  • Wood or grain drying controllers harnessing solar energy.
  • Power monitoring for ozone treatment in tanks when solar energy is available.
  • A greenhouse heat ballast management system capturing and utilizing solar energy for heating.
  • A rain capture device with a precise capacitance sensor for accurate measurements.
  • Remote activation slider switch with solar power for energy efficiency, along with a combination lock option.

Through these innovations, we aim to empower small farms and homesteads globally, reduce food insecurity, and enhance productivity while acknowledging the challenges posed by water scarcity and resource limits in the PNW.

Please contact us if our solutions can help info@RainAmp.com (269) 888-1655